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Protect yourself from money scams!

lady putting money into mailing envelope


CODE wants to help educate everyone on the different types of money scams in today’s world.  There are ways to protect yourself and your finances.

One common type of money scam is the transfer of money obtained from victims of fraud.  “Money mules” are the people who receive and transfer the money that comes from fraud victims.  Money mules can be recruited through several methods, such as:

  • Work from Home Scams: A job posting offers easy money for reshipping packages, or buying gift cards or Postal Money Orders, which can all be done from home.
  • Confidence Scams: A person or business that you don’t know offers you a commission if you transfer money for them.
  • Lottery Scams: A person informs you that you need to transfer money first before collecting your prize.
  • Romance Scams: A person you have met online as a romantic interest asks you to transfer money or packages.

Transferring money or other valuables on behalf of others can benefit criminals, and may lead to serious consequences for you.  Learn to protect yourself by following some of these simple guidelines:

  • Don’t engage in financial transactions with strangers.
  • Don’t take a job that promises easy money to send money or packages.
  • Investigate work from home opportunities. Contact the Better Business Bureau to verify if a business is legitimate.
  • Report any money mule activity or scams as soon as possible.

For more information or to report a money mule scam, you can visit the United States Postal Inspection Service website.

Also take a look at CODE’s Online Security Resource for further ways to protect yourself from various cybercrimes!