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Apply for a Mortgage today with CODE!

small house in hand

Rent payments in many areas have steadily been climbing higher and higher.  Let CODE’s Mortgage Specialist assist you and upgrade into a home of your own!

Mortgage rates have come down slightly.  This could be an opportunity to find the house of your dreams.  According to*, there are a few reasons why buying a house now could make sense.

  1. Buy a house now, and refinance later – Your home can be forever. Your interest rate doesn’t have to be.  After purchasing your home, you could get an opportunity to refinance later to a lower rate.
  2. Housing prices are on the rise – Buying a house today locks in your price. Waiting could mean an increase in price for available houses for sale.
  3. Less competition – Currently, there aren’t that many home shoppers out there. Find your dream home today, and you might have some negotiating leverage.
  4. Increase of inventory – The amount of homes for sale is steadily on the rise, so you could have a lot more options available to you as you search for the right house for you.
  5. If now is the right time for you, then it never makes sense to wait – If you find a home that fits your needs and budget, CODE is ready to walk you through the mortgage process every step of the way, and make you a home owner.


Contact Greg Lockard, CODE’s Mortgage Specialist, to go over your mortgage options and help you finance your dream home.  Call Greg at (937) 222-8971 ext. 1120, or send an email to  (NMLS# 376636)


*Information from “5 Reasons Why Buying A Home Right Now Makes Sense-Despite High Interest Rates” from