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Let CODE help you move toward
your financial health goals.

Perhaps now more than ever, your mind is on maximizing your finances. The beginning of a new year is a great time to take note of areas to improve or adjust.  CODE Credit Union is ready to partner with you in taking the necessary steps to improve your overall financial health and set realistic goals to shape up your finances in 2021 and beyond.


The first step is to identify areas that may need attention.  To get started, answer these 10 questions:

Download our Financial Check-Up Checklist.

1) Are you having trouble keeping track of your finances and you need to create a budget?

If you answered yes, CODE’s Access 360 personal financial management tool can help you get on track.  Access 360 allows you to set up spending alerts, create saving or debt payoff goals, complete a budget and more.  Check it out by logging in to Access 24 Online Banking and click on Access 360 – it’s a FREE tool available to all members.


2) Do you need to establish an Emergency Savings Account?

If you’re like most of us, you may need to grow your emergency savings.  Experts recommend having 6 months of expenses in an emergency savings account.  If 6 months of expenses sounds like a lot, start by aiming for $1,000 and work your way up.  You can open additional share accounts directly through your online banking dashboard and start saving today.  Log into Access 24 Online Banking and click on your name in the lower left hand corner. Then, click on “add an account”.


3) Are your accounts up to date in case of an emergency?

Make sure your accounts have the most accurate and up to date information, such as current address, updated phone numbers, or even someone listed on the account that can act for you during an emergency.  Set up beneficiaries to make sure your accounts are accessible and don’t go to the state during a time of need.  Already have beneficiaries listed on your accounts?  We can check the information for you, and update or change anything that’s needed.


4) Do you have a line of credit available for an emergency situation?


In an emergency situation where you might be short on cash, it might be ideal to have a line of credit in place.  CODE offers a Ready Ca$h line of credit that can be added to your account and available when you need it.  Or apply for a Visa® credit card to have on hand.  We have several credit card options to fit your needs.

Learn About Ready Ca$h

View credit card options



5) Do you need some extra cash to cover an unexpected expense?


CODE offers personal loans with low rates  that can help you cover a large, unexpected expense.  APPLY NOW


6) Are you paying too much for your car loan?


Auto rates  are low!  Maybe we can refinance that higher rate loan and lower your payments or help you pay it off faster.  APPLY NOW


7) Could you use payment protection on your loans?


CODE offers a variety of payment protection plans that can be added to your loans, in case something unexpected were to occur and you would need help making the monthly payments.


8) Do you have student loans weighing you down?

If you’re like a lot of college graduates, you may be stressed about having several student loans. If this sounds like you or someone close to you, check out CODE’s new Student Loan Consolidation Solution. Combine all those loans into one easy low payment and concentrate on enjoying life.

9) Do you have investments that you have questions or concerns about?

CODE partners with Harrison Wealth Management Group.  You can contact them for a complimentary consultation to review your investments.


10) Are you ready to buy a house, or are you ready to use the equity from your home?

Now is a great time to apply for a mortgage while rates are low.  Contact us  today if you have questions about the mortgage process, or check out our online Mortgage Resource to apply now.  Or maybe you already own your home, and want to use the equity for a Home Equity Loan or Credit Line.  This can provide access to money that can be used in many different ways including home improvements, consolidating debt, or paying for college.  APPLY NOW


At CODE, we want to help make your financial lives easier. A Financial Check Up consultation with a CODE Credit Union Financial Services Representative can help you determine areas where CODE can help you improve your finances and help you concentrate on enjoying life. Choose a location most convenient for you and make an appointment today.


Find a CODE location

Call us to make an appointment at 937-222-8971.

Send us an email at codecu@codecu.org.

If you’d like a CODE Credit Union Financial Services Representative to access your credit report, download the Authorization to Pull Credit.