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CODE’s Liberty Administration Building is supporting Oasis House!

Oasis House is an organization that offers hope and support to women survivors of trauma, violence, trafficking, and substance abuse.  By teaching practical life skills and mentoring these survivors, Oasis House helps these women to grow as individuals and within their community.  Oasis House provides safe housing, support, and assistance with new opportunities for the survivors.  They also offer counseling and educational programs.  Oasis House strives to give women survivors hope and support for a healthier lifestyle, free of abuse.

The Liberty Administration Building chose to collect cash donations for Oasis House, as well as personal care items and cleaning supplies for their safe houses.  Members of the CODE Foundation board heard about Oasis House through its affiliation with the Miami Valley Crime Stoppers.  We feel that donations to Oasis House can have a positive impact on the local community, and help these women survivors overcome obstacles and feel safe.

Learn More about Oasis House.

Thank you for your support and donations!  You can donate now through the end of November.  Donations can be dropped off at the Monument Ave. branch.