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CODE Credit Union is your
Resource for Financial Literacy.

At CODE, it is important to us to share resources that are available to improve member’s financial lives. From keeping members safe while taking care of their finances online to helping members maximize their financial goals, we are committed to providing exceptional products, services and information.

Online Security

From your personal information to your computer to your cell phone, there are many ways that cyber criminals will try to trick you and steal your information. From online shopping, paying monthly bills, or planning family vacations, the World Wide Web has created unprecedented convenience for online users, but yet, has also opened the door to extraordinary potential for fraudulent activity and identity theft for consumers.

Financial Check Up

Now is the perfect time to evaluate your finances, and take note of areas to improve or adjust.  CODE Credit Union is here to help you improve your overall financial health and set realistic goals to shape up your finances.

CODE has multiple ways to help you save money and spend it more wisely.  To get started, answer 14 questions to identify financial areas that may need attention.

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