Loan Rates Deposit Rates Certificate Rates

Effective as of: March 31, 2020
TermDividend RateAPYMinimum Investment
6 Months0.55%0.55%$5,000.00
12 Months0.95%0.95% $1,000.00
18 Months0.97%0.97% $1,000.00
24 Months1.03%1.04% $1,000.00
24 Months*1.03%1.04%$250*
30 Months1.05%1.05% $1,000.00
36 Months1.08%1.09% $1,000.00
48 Months1.13%1.14% $1,000.00
*Youth Certificate - Cool Kids CODE Club and YES Club members are eligible to obtain a youth certificate in their name. A minimum deposit of $250.00 is required to open the certificate. Added deposits of $100.00 can be made during the term. The youth certificate has a term of 24 months, with the maturity date being no later than the year the member turns 18.
Preferred Certificate Rates
Term Dividend RateAPY Minimum Balance
9 months1.10%1.0% $10,000.00
15 months1.20%1.21% $10,000.00
The dividend period for Certificates is monthly and may be paid to the Certificate or an account of your choice. A penalty may be imposed for withdrawals before maturity.
HSA Certificate of Deposit
TermIRA Type(s) AvailableDividend RateAPYMinimum Balance
12 MonthsH S A1.16%1.17%$1000.00
IRA Certificates
Term IRA Type(s) AvailableDividend Rate APYMinimum Balance
6 months Traditional0.78%0.78%$500.00
12 monthsTraditional, Roth, Educational1.00%1.01%$500.00
18 monthsTraditional1.08%1.09%$500.00
24 monthsTraditional, Roth, Educational1.15%1.16%$500.00
30 monthsTraditional1.19%1.20%$500.00
36 monthsTraditional, Roth, Educational1.23%1.24%$500.00
48 monthsTraditional, Roth, Educational1.30%1.31%$500.00
Preferred IRA Certificates
TermIRA Type(s) Available Dividend RateAPYMinimum Balance
9 monthsTraditional, Roth1.10%1.11%$10,000.00
15 monthsTraditional, Roth1.20%1.21%$10,000.00
The dividend period for IRA Certificates is monthly and will be credited to the IRA Certificate. A penalty may be imposed for withdrawals before maturity.
Accumulator IRA
Term IRA Type(s) AvailableDividend RateAPYMinimum Balance
N/ATraditional, Roth, Educational 0.25% 0.25%None
The dividend period for an Accumulator IRA is quarterly with dividends being credited to that account.