Business Services

"CODE has gone out of their way to respond to our financial needs."

Randy Willhelm of Advanced Medical Equipment

Regardless of the size of your business, CODE Credit Union has the products and services designed to partner with you for your success. Non-profit groups such as churches and professional organizations also will benefit from these affordable services.

As a local member-owned financial institution since 1940, you can depend on CODE to serve the financial needs of your business. Minimal fees, customized financing and high deposit yields are just a few of the reasons to open a CODE Credit Union Business Account, such as:

Business Savings

Grow your business with the help of a CODE savings plan. CODE savings are federally insured up to $250,000 through NCUA, the National Credit Union Administration, an agency of the U.S. Government.

Business Checking

Low fees, flexibility and convenience make a CODE Business Checking Account an economical way to manage your finances. Just a minimum $50.00 deposit will open any of CODE's Business Checking Accounts. CODE offers 3 checking plans - we can help you choose the one that's just right for your business.

Business Loans

Not a one-size-fits-all service, CODE works with businesses to customize loans to fit the business' needs. Our quick response time will get you the answers you need in a timely manner.

Commercial Real Estate Loans - Purchase or refinance, construction, expansion and renovation of owner occupied and investment real estate. Our loans offer:

  • Conventional Financing
  • Fixed and Variable Rates
  • Loans up to $5,000,000
  • Amortizations up to 20 years
  • Flexible terms

Term Loans - Purchase or refinance of machinery, equipment or other capital assets; permanent working capital; business acquisition and debt consolidation. Our loans offer:

  • Fixed and Variable Rates
  • Loans up to $1,250,000
  • Amortizations up to 7 years
  • Flexible terms

Revolving Line of Credit - Available for any general business purpose. You could qualify for:

  • Revolving facilities up to $1,000,000
  • Variable Rates
  • Access available through business checking account

Merchant Services

Accepting electronic payments can increase your sales, cash flow and customer satisfaction. User-friendly and affordable, CODE has partnered with TransFirst merchant services to provide businesses with a complete merchant services program. Your business will be able to accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and other select credit and debit cards.

Through partnering with TransFirst we can offer:

  • Competitive pricing
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Easy to use, state-of-the-art equipment
  • Detailed account information via real-time Web-based reporting system or fax

Allow your customers the freedom and flexibility to pay how they wish. Contact CODE via e-mail or by calling 937-222-8971 for more information or a cost comparison of your current merchant services account.

Other Services

Harrison Financial Group - HFG, the investment management firm located at CODE Credit Union, offers a variety of financial services to benefit businesses and their employees. From a small entrepreneurship to a large company, HFG can tailor an employee retirement plan or employer sponsored 529 College Savings Plan to meet your needs. For a consultation at no cost or obligation, contact Kevin Green at
937-222-8971, Ext. 6513.

For information on DROP options to maximize your retirement, click here

Access24 Internet Banking and Bill Payment - Access24 is a quick, easy and secure way to view and manage your CODE accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With FREE Access24 Internet Banking you can:

  • Make accounts transfers, obtain balances, verify deposits and view cleared check images
  • Obtain Visa information and pay your Visa bill online with Cardview Online
  • Sign up for E-statements
  • And so much more

Bill Payment takes the stress out of paying your bills and looking for stamps. Easily schedule payments, have your recurring bills paid automatically and conveniently view your past payment history.

ATM and Visa Debit Cards - Fast and easy access to your CODE accounts. Never wait in line again to get cash. Use your card for transactions 24/7 at any of the thousands of STAR® and Plus® ATMs conveniently located where you live, work or shop. Purchases or services will automatically be deducted from your CODE Checking Account when you use your Visa Debit Card everwhere debit cards are accepted. Just present your card, sign the receipt and be on your way.

CODE is a member of the Alliance One network of ATMs, just look for the blue and white Alliance One logo. Visit CODE's drive-up ATM at 355 W. Monument Ave., Dayton and 415 W. National Rd., Englewood.

*ATM and Visa Debit Cards are only available for sole proprietorships and limited partnerships.

PAT Audio Response - PAT, CODE's Personal Audio Teller, is an easy and confidential way to be in touch with your CODE accounts 24/7. When you call PAT, you are connected with CODE's computer system that provides you with up-to-the-minute account information. Call PAT to:

  • Get account balances
  • Verify deposits and checks cleared
  • Transfer funds among your accounts
  • And more

With PAT's local number (222-4PAT) or toll free number (800-564-5227) you can call from anywhere. If you do not already have a PAT access number, request one today.

No Cost Employee Benefit - Enhance your employee package without affecting your bottom line by offering CODE Credit Union membership to your employees at no cost. With no minimum participation requirements, you can offer this low maintenance benefit to your employees of your business. It's easy. E-mail us or call CODE at 937-222-8971.

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Protecting your business account is very important to CODE Credit Union. That is why we have measures in place to thwart cyber thieves. This includes the ability to set up sub-users on Access24 allowing only specific privileges when logging on to the business account. Online criminals however are using increasingly sophisticated techniques to commit fraud against business accounts.

A shared responsibility between CODE and your business is the most effective way to prevent corporate account takeover. Therefore we are providing the following information to keep you abreast of trends and best practices to protect your CODE business account.

What Is Corporate Account Takeover?

Corporate Account Takeover (CATO) is a type of fraud where cyber-thieves gain access to a business’ finances to make unauthorized transactions. These may include transferring funds from the company, creating and adding new fake employees to payroll, and stealing sensitive customer information that may not be recoverable.

Several methods are being employed to infect a business. The most prevalent is malware via infected documents attached to e-mails or links that connect to an infected web site. Even by visiting legitimate websites - especially social networking sites - and clicking on documents, videos or photos malware can infect laptops and users workstations.

Malware can capture keystrokes, enabling criminals to view user names and passwords thus allowing them to impersonate the business in online banking sessions. To the financial institution, the credentials look just like the legitimate user. The perpetrator has access to and can review the account details of the business including account activity along with ACH and wire transfer origination parameters. The cyber-thieves then use this information to initiate funds transfers, by ACH or wire transfer to the bank accounts of associates for the express purpose of receiving and laundering funds.

Small to Medium Sized Businesses, as well as Non-profits are being targeted as they –

  • Do not monitor and reconcile their accounts frequently or daily
  • Have the capability to initiate funds transfers such as ACH credits and wire transfers
  • Do not have a high level of firewalls and monitoring systems

Protecting Your Business Begins with Taking Proactive Steps

  • Ensure the most current version of your anti-virus/spyware is installed and is functional
  • Install patches regularly
  • Choose complex passwords and change them regularly
  • Review account transaction history frequently, daily if possible
  • Immediately report any suspicious transactions to your financial institution
  • Log-off or turn off computers when not in use or unattended
  • Use a dedicated computer for financial transactional activity. DO NOT use this computer for general web browsing and email

Recommendations for Corporate Account Takeover Victims

  1. Immediately cease activity from computer systems that may be compromised. Disconnect the Ethernet or other network connections to isolate the system from remote access.
  2. Immediately contact CODE and request assistance with the following actions:
    • Disable online access to accounts
    • Change online banking passwords
    • Open new account(s) as appropriate
    • Request CODE’s agent review all recent transactions and electronic authorizations on the account.
    • Ensure that no one has requested an address change, title change, PIN change or ordered new cards, checks or other account documents be sent to another address.
  3. Maintain a written chronology of what happened, what was lost and the steps taken to report the incident to the various agencies, banks and firms impacted. Be sure to record the date, time, contact phone number, person spoken to, and any relevant report or reference number and instructions.
  4. File a police report and obtain the report number with the date, time, location and officer’s name taking the report or involved in the investigation. Having a police report will often facilitate in working with insurance companies and financial institutions. It may also initiate a law enforcement investigation into the loss with the goal of identifying, arresting and prosecuting the offender and possibly recovering losses.
  5. This is provided for informational purposes and is not intended to provide legal advice. The guidance included is not an exhaustive list of actions as security threats change constantly.

In the event of fraud or suspicious activity
please contact CODE Credit Union immediately at 937-222-8971.